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- FAQ -

- Which areas are serviced?

We Service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

- Do you screen your cleaners?

Yes, all cleaners need to pass out 100 point check before becoming Platinum Domestics approved cleaners.

- Do you guarantee your cleaning quality?

We sure do. Our guarantee states that if you aren't happy with the quality of your clean, you don't pay. We call it our " Happy or it's Free Guarantee". Simply call us within 24 hours of the clean and tell us about the issue.

- Do you have lock in contracts?

No we don't. If you aren't happy with the service, you are free to leave. This guarantees we keep our quality up week to week for you.

- How do I pay for the service?

If can be annoying having to remember to bring money home for the cleaner or having to go online to pay a bill. To make it easy for our clients, we offer a direct debit service. So you can pay us by credit card, our from your chosen bank account after each clean, without having to lift a finger.

- What services do you do?

We specialise in regular home cleaning only. We don't do offices, clubs, rental bond cleans or anything else. We simply do regular home cleaning and the periodical cleaning requirements for our regular clients. By not trying to do everything, we are very focused on the ongoing requirements for our home cleaning clients.

- How do I know what is and isn't included in the clean?

You will be given a details scope document that provides a list of everything we clean and the frequencies they are done. For example, you may want your carpet vacuumed each week, but the fridge cleaned out monthly. This will all be outlined for you and you can change this at any time.

- How often do I get a cleaner?

It's up to you, but our specialty is once per week or once per fortnight. We find the majority of our clients have a service at these frequencies.

- Do you bring your own cleaning equipment?

Yes we do. We bring all our own cleaning chemicals and equipment. However, if there is specific items you want us to use, we can do that too.

- Are your cleaners police checked?

All of our cleaners have national police checks done. We can provide a copy for you if requested.

- What happens if I am not happy with a service?

Please let us know straight away. We will make the adjustment we need to. Don't forget, if you aren't happy, you don't pay. See details about our guarantee in an above question.

- What if something is damaged in my home?

The simple answer is we will have the item replaced. We also have public liability insurance for $10 million to cover anything and everything that could possible happen.

- How do I arrange a quote?

Simply give us a cal or complete the quote request on the home page. Once of our managers will come out to your home to meet you. We'll then provide a details written quote with a full scope of work attached. If you are interested, at this point you can meet your cleaner to make sure you are comfortable with everything.

- Do I get an invoice or a receipt after a clean?

Yes you do. We will email you a tax invoice after each clean.

- Can I give the cleaners a key?

You sure can. Cleaning your home is meant to be simple and easy. If giving us keys makes it easy on you, we're happy to do this.

- Do I need to be home for you to do a clean?

Not if you don't want to be. As long as we can get into the house, we can do the rest from there.

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