At Platinum Domestics we do things a little differently that sets us apart from other cleaning companies

Regular Home Cleaning Only

At Platinum Domestics we specialise in the regular cleaning of our clients homes and that's all we do. Whilst many cleaning companies claim to be experts in everything. They will clean offices, houses, rental bond cleans, shops, one off cleans ... the list goes on. By only concentrating on the the regular servicing of our homes, we find we can concentrate all our efforts on keeping our clients happy. We don't get side tracked by taking on one off jobs for one off clients. We focus on the week to week requirements of our clients only.

Quality Based, Not Time Based

We aren't a cleaning company that bases our home cleaning on times. We don't tell clients that we will clean for 2 hours, 3 hours or any other time period. Doing it that way can effect the quality with cleaners rushing through the job or it can even effect the price you pay if they need to stay longer to finish the job. At Platinum Domestics, we provide a detailed cleaning scope and we will continue cleaning until your home is clean. We provide you with a fixed investment for your clean and you pay the same price no matter how long it takes. A quality clean for an up front agreed price that isn't based on time.

Free Trial Period

We understand its a big commitment from you to have someone come into your home to clean for you each week. As a result, we offer an obligation free trial clean at no cost. In other words, the "First clean is Free". After the first clean you can make a decision if you are comfortable with your cleaner to continue. We look forward to being of service to you.

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